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Reduce Costs

From healthcare costs to HR costs, we help businesses
reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

We’re a different kind of financial wellness firm

We Have:

Technology       Advanced web-based tools
People                  Experienced financial planners
Experience        Our roots go back to 1986
Your Back          We subscribe to the fiduciary standard

We wrote the book on financial wellness. Literally

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We change lives, one employee at a time
When employees are successful, companies are successful

For Employers

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We’re positioned to serve employers nationwide. If you care about your employees, you’re our kind of company.

For Employees

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You have financial goals. We have financial planners. Let’s make a plan.

For Partners

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From benefits brokers to 401(k) advisors to EAPs, we believe in the power of partnership.

Money is an amazing force. For some people, it can provide a well-balanced life. It can provide food, shelter, a new car, college for children, and retirement. However, for others, even when making the same amount of income, it may not be enough to reach basic goals. To make matters worse, personal finances do not become easier over time, they become more complex.

Whether it is a lawyer, an engineer, a receptionist or salesperson, everyone in every career can lose track of their financial goals. Financial stress and missed financial goals can lead to:

  • Higher healthcare costs
  • Lower productivity
  • Higher turnover
  • Higher HR expenses
  • Increased fiduciary liability
  • Workplace accidents
  • Delayed retirements

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We’re positioned to serve employees throughout the US with our TelePlanning™ technology.
We believe in cutting-edge convenience.