43% of Americans earning six figures are “struggling” or “suffering” financially according to a Gallup-Healthways Financial Well-Being report (2014 State of American Well-Being).

What matters most isn’t our income, it’s what we do with it.

We have three programs available for employers:

As with traditional physical wellness programs, our traditional financial wellness programs are 100% employer-paid and comprehensive. We fully customize these programs to fit your needs. Costs range from $3.00 to $8.00 PEPM.

We offer a voluntary payroll deduction option for our programs. At $19.00 PEPM, it can be fully employee paid, fully employer paid, or anything in between.

This is our free option. Yes, we mean completely free, year after year. Why? We think you will like it so much you will want more. Ready to give it a try? Contact us today for a quick tour.

Our Definition of a Financial Wellness Program:

``An ongoing program which educates and motivates employees to make positive changes to their personal finances and stay accountable to goals.`` It’s so much more than education``

Our programs are based on an established five-step system that helps your employees pursue and maintain financial wellness:

  1. Financial Health Assessment™
  2. Tailored Education
  3. TelePlanning™ With a CFP® Professional
  4. Financial Check-Ups
  5. Monitoring and Analytics

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