In April 27, 2016

In our most recent Employee Financial Wellness Survey, we asked 554 employees from around the US what their employer could offer to help them towards their retirement goals. The most popular answer at 48% of respondents was “access to one-on-one guidance from a professional.” Some of you may already provide this type of service for employees. If not, here is some food for thought:

  • 79% of employee said they would meet with a CFP® professional if their employer paid for it.
  • Women were more likely than men to meet with a professional, at 82%. Men were 75%.
  • Look for a vendor that isn’t selling proprietary products. If it’s free, find out why.
  • Ask if they have CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™professionals. There’s a big difference between financial planners and CFP® professionals.
  • Go through a demo process yourself to find out exactly what your employee would experience.

According to this new research, employees have an appetite for personalized guidance. With increased economic uncertainty, this may prove to be a valuable tool for employers.


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